Mental Health at Work Commitment – Blue Light Webinar Series

Senior Leader Webinar

Senior leaders representing the national bodies of  UK emergency services discuss the recent signing of the Commitment. They outline how they and fellow senior leaders will ensure the Commitment has a meaningful impact for colleagues.

Wellbeing Leads Webinar

Wellbeing leads from UK emergency services present some of the great work they’re doing to support staff and volunteers.  They highlight initiatives that position mental health as a priority in their service – from recruitment to retirement. They also talk through their upcoming plans and hopes around what developments they’d like to see going forward.

Champions Webinar

Champions from UK emergency services present some of the great work that they’re doing to support fellow staff and volunteer mental health. They talk through how and why they became champions. You’ll hear advice on how to get your champion network up and running and the positive difference champions make.

Case Studies

Read more about the work presented in this webinar series and other examples of best practice. We hope these inspire your approach to supporting colleague’s mental health and wellbeing.

Read the case studies